Good Shepherds

By Crystal Sullivan

It is possible that the metaphor of the good shepherd might be lost on our 21st century imagination. Few of us have the experience of witnessing the work of a shepherd, or seeing the influence good shepherds have over their flock. Shepherds keep their flock safe, they give them direction, the make sure they have their needs met. Sheep faithfully follow their shepherd with unfailing trust.

We all need someone worthy to follow; someone who paves the way; someone who has our best interest in mind; someone who is patient with us as we grow; someone who inspires us to be greater than we imagine ourselves to be.

Ultimately, as Christians, this shepherd for us is Jesus. A prayerful, trusting relationship with Jesus cultivated in worship and community can provide the guidance we need to journey our way through the challenges and opportunities of everyday life. We hope you have encountered this in your faith experiences at UD.

The end of an academic year is a good time to take stock of others who guide us. As you prepare for summer or graduation and the next important steps of life, take a few minutes to consider those who have helped pave your way; those who have inspired you to be greater than you imagine yourself to be. Say a prayer of gratitude for those who may have acted as Jesus for you.

Campus Ministry thanks you for a fabulous year of journeying in faith and service with you. Congratulations to our graduating seniors. May God bless you all this summer and beyond.

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