Friday March 4, 2016

Lighthouse Retreat

By Julia Mosier '18

To me Lighthouse is the place where I finally understood what it meant to believe not only in those around me but ultimately in myself. Lighthouse was where I found God when I felt the most lost. People who are retreat veterans will tell you time and time again that the best decision they ever made at the University of Dayton was taking the leap of faith to go on a retreat. For me however, I wouldn’t see the change that Lighthouse would bring until 6 months later. When I did I was amazed at the growth I had made by just trusting the way I was told to in my time spent at Glen Helen. The most powerful thing Lighthouse offers is its ability to stay with you well after you leave that crazy weekend behind.

When I went on Lighthouse, I didn’t know anyone that was there. I had no friends to fall back on to make sure I was making a good choice. I felt a push from God to take a leap of faith and I am so thankful everyday that I did. From that leap, I learned how to believe in myself, and I began to understand that all storms matter whether small or large. Be bold and take the weekend away from campus whether its for Lighthouse or one of the many other awesome retreats campus ministry has to offer! So if you have the chance to take the leap—do it. You will be so grateful that you did.

Julia Mosier '18

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