Friday March 16, 2018

Our Relationship with Jesus

By Crystal Sullivan, Director of Campus Ministry

Sometimes it's hard to relate with Jesus.

In today's Gospel of the raising of Lazarus, Luke makes this a little bit easier by giving us something to relate to - insight into Jesus' feelings. I was struck by four of these: Jesus loved. Jesus was perturbed. Jesus was deeply troubled. Jesus wept. This story is so packed with emotion that it would be difficult NOT to relate to the Jesus who is portrayed here - one who is anxious, unsettled, upset, sorrowful, sad, grieving - because of his deep love for close friends.

These emotions stand out to me because they are emotions many of us encounter often. This Jesus, who feels so deeply in this story, is the same Jesus who felt fear before his crucifixion, who surrendered himself when he wanted to run the other way. His trust in God's unfathomable love, which brings hope, brought him new life. In today's Gospel we encounter the deep trust of both Mary and Martha, who surrender their hope to Jesus in faith. And so too does Lazarus find new life. 

As you consider your relationship to Jesus this Lent, I invite you to take your emotions to him in prayer. Trust that he understands them, because he has known them. Let Jesus' strength give you hope, that God might bring you new life too, in the ways you need it most. 

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