Sunday March 8, 2015

The Power of Community

By Sean Ferguson

During my first two years as a Flyer, the word community could not have been truer. However, I knew I was ignoring something deeper as I focused my time on many surface level activities. I would go to bed feeling restless and unfulfilled knowing that I was made for something greater.

Then in the fall of my junior year, I attended the Lighthouse Retreat and my heart was completely changed. I couldn't help but feel a sense of peace and happiness that I've only felt on rare occasions in my lifetime. Now, there may be a great number of people who would say, how could one single weekend change your life that dramatically? My answer to them would be simple; when you are surrounded by a group of people who give you the confidence and belief in yourself to truly speak and act as the true person you know God created you to be, the residual effects of that will allow you to grow into the kind of man or woman you've always desired to become. The retreat made me realize how much of a positive difference we can make in someone's life just by listening in a caring manner. I gained an understanding of how powerful a community can truly be, and how sacred the bond of companionship is in our daily lives.

On April 10-12, take the time to let go for a weekend, and let God put people in your life that will help you grow in faith and love more than you could ever imagine.

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