Prayers of the HEART

By Jessica Barga

Prayers of the HEART: a small way to support a big cause.

 On a frigid day in February, when most people on campus were scurrying to get back indoors, a handful were just heading outside.

 They gathered around the Peace Pole in the courtyard to the north of the Chapel to sing, pray and reflect in the name of promoting peace in the world. It’s all part of a monthly service called Prayers of the HEART, dedicated to working toward peace and ending discrimination.

 Prayers of the HEART – which stands for healing, empathy, awareness, reconciliation and transformation — began in September last year as a call for students, faculty and staff to band together and create a spirit of positive change.

 “We are part of a bigger world,” Nick Cardilino, director of Campus Ministry’s Center for Social Concern, said. “We want to promote the dignity of human beings, but that is not where it ends. Discrimination happens on UD’s campus even though it is not something we hear much about, together we want to pray for our hearts to change and become more accepting.”

Each service is held every third Thursday of the month during the school year at 12:15 p.m. For more information or to learn
about getting involved, visit the Prayers of the HEART webpage.

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