Friday September 15, 2017

Reach Out, Encounter Dayton, Act with Others, and Lead Together

By Sarah Richard

Between challenging academic courses, dozens of clubs, and a thriving social scene on campus, spending your four years at the University without stepping beyond campus boundaries is not out of the ordinary. With the help of a variety of community engagement experiences offered at UD, I was able to pop the UD bubble rather early. There was, however, one significant experience that stands above the rest: the REAL Dayton BreakOut.

The REAL Dayton breakout is a four-day intensive immersion hosted during fall break. Open to all majors and grade levels, this experience offers students the opportunity to explore the Greater Dayton Area. Through service activities and intentional reflection, we hope to address challenges being faced as well as strengthen the many assets Dayton holds.

With community being such a central idea at the University, this experience challenged me to explore what community means beyond my smaller groups here on campus. I discovered community is not just a group of similarities but instead a unification of those who may be different but play a role in sustaining one another. UD students have so many beautiful gifts to bring to the larger community beyond campus. I hope to help others find what role they are called to play as a group leader this Fall.

To register for the REAL Dayton BreakOut, visit the Center for Social Concern website


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