RIte of Election

By Colleen Brown

On Sunday, February 14, the Rite of Election will be celebrated with Bishop Joseph Binzer at 7:30pm that evening at Our Lady of Immaculate Conception in Dayton, Ohio. The Rite of Election is celebrated along with all of the parishes in the Archdiocese.

We celebrate this Rite of Election or enrollment of names for those who have completed their formation period in the catechumenate. “The celebration of the rite of election, which usually coincides with the opening of Lent, also marks the beginning of the period of final, more intense preparation for the sacraments of initiation, during which the elect will be encouraged to follow Christ with greater generosity. ... This step is called election because the acceptance made by the Church is founded on the election of God, in whose name the Church acts. The step is also called the enrollment of names because as a pledge of fidelity the candidates inscribe their names in the book that lists those who have been chose for initiation.” RCIA #118-119

Please pray especially during this Lenten season for our elect and our candidates for full communion in the Church as they prepare to celebrate the sacraments of initiation.

The Elect: Summer Jenkins and Matthew Jones

Candidates: Joseph Brooks, Karla Brooks, Amanda Reed, and Trevor Rosenbaum.

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