By Callie Herrmann

Chances are, if you are holding this piece of paper and reading this article, you are in some way searching. Searching for a way to add something meaningful to your college experience, searching for a way to procrastinate on that paper you haven’t started, or maybe you’re just searching for hope that you haven’t been able to find so far in your college career. No matter what brought you to Mass or what made your eyes wander to this article, UD Campus Ministry wants to help you search for the answers to your questions, big and small.

College is a difficult time when we hear many voices telling us to push ourselves and grow as individuals, but too often we search for support in that endeavor in places that can never fulfill us. One place that I have found hope in my ability to grow and change while developing my relationship with God is through the retreats that UD offers. We are extremely blessed to be a part of a community where challenging times meet faithful support and the result is a journey of personal growth we never knew we needed.

No matter where you might be in your relationship with your faith, UD’s retreats never fail to meet you right where you are and encourage you in your search for growth and fulfillment. There are retreats that fit every schedule, need, and personality, so why not grab a friend and check one out? After all, UD will always be here when you get back! If you have questions contact Mike Bennett in retreats at:

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