The Penalty film and discussion

Three extraordinary people embark on journeys of recovery, discovery and rebellion and find themselves centre stage in the biggest capital punishment crisis in modern memory.

The Penalty is a feature documentary film following three people with extraordinary experiences of America's modern death penalty and goes behind the scenes of capital punishment's most recent headlines. The film is directed by Will Francome (In Prison My Whole Life, Sundance 2008) and Mark Pizzey (who together Raindance Award Winner One For Ten), and edited by James Scott (Sundance Special Jury Award for Editing award 2015 for How to Change the World). 

The Penalty follows three different stories. One looks at the experiences and emotions of a murder victim's family as they seek justice through the court system. The second story is one of a death row exonoree. The third follows the life of a lawyer who advocates on behalf of death row inmates. Each real life story is told with raw, gut-wrenching honesty.

Director Will Francome will join us after the screening on Thursday, January 25 at 7pm in Sears Recital Hall for a Question and Answer session.

"The death penalty...is, of itself, contrary to the Gospel, because it is freely decided to suppress a human life that is always sacred in the eyes of the Creator, and of which, in the final analysis, God alone is the true judge and guarantor.”  --Pope Francis, October 11, 2017

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