Friday March 24, 2017

To See As God Sees

By Kelly Adamson

“I see the moon

The moon sees me

God bless the moon

And God bless me.”

I first encountered this simple prayer in a book that I received as a gift for my First Communion. The simplicity of this little prayer rings in my head and heart each time I see the moon. While as a child, I might look into darkness and fear the night; God sees the moon and sends its light to bless and guide me. Both the prayer and the readings today are powerful reminders that God sees all and often God sees differently than I see. Take the readings of the day, for instance:

I see a simple day laborer. God sees wisdom in waiting.

I see inexperience. God sees potential.

I see others’ sinfulness. God sees their woundedness.

I see mud. God sees an agent for cleansing.


This makes me wonder about how I see the world versus

how God sees.

I see hard choices and tough discernment.

God sees opportunity.

I see a world torn apart by division.

God sees common ground waiting to be found.

I see lies. God sees truths that need to be told.

Take a moment each day this week to ask yourself these two questions:

What did I see today? What does God see?

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