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Holy Week

The Tomb and the Resurrection

By Rev. Dr. LaKendra Hardware

Good Friday has drawn to a close and we continue to celebrate the excitement of the Rising of the Son. Now let's pause and take a moment to consider intentionally that which we individually entombed during this season.

What spaces has God spoken to you in and asked you to put away, walk away from, let go of in your journey to the cross this past Lenten season? Dreams, relationships, hopes, worries, fears, insecurities, pointless pursuits, disappointing cycles, stresses and strains, doubt, wavering....whatever....?

We can trust God to be the life we need in each of those spaces...and equally trust God to give us the strength to leave buried what God calls us to bury. In your Celebration of the Resurrection , remember the tomb will never hold that which is full of the Presence of God. It always rises....and in the process, we find ourselves lighter for the journey ahead.

Cross...Tomb...Beyond...Journeying with Christ...Lifelong Pursuit!

Rev. Dr. LaKendra Hardware 

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