Monday April 10, 2017

The Vibrant Colors of Change

By Kathy Sales

When my kids were younger, Palm Sunday was the day that we dyed eggs for Easter. We went “old school”, using the PAAS brand of dying eggs with the fizzy tablet dissolved in vinegar in a plastic cup. As we gathered around the table, we would dip and check the color, dip and check—over and over until the color was exactly what we wanted.

As I fondly recall those days, I think of how I have been “dipped and dyed” just like those eggs, over and over throughout this Lenten season to a more vibrant color. I’ve changed—or hope I’ve changed--into something new.

What has deepened your color or been a grace for you this Lent? For me, it was meeting new people as a participant in the Busy Persons retreat. It was also mourning the loss of a beloved Marianist. It was witnessing the dedication of the CRS ambassadors as they prepared a simple meal and hosted a discussion on Jesus in our life. It was hearing of the generosity of the UD community in the Sunday collection that is sent directly to the Marianist missions during Lent. It was singing “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom” at the Taíze Reconciliation service and hearing from students about a retreat that changed their life.

These experiences and many more have changed me and prepared me to walk with the universal church in this upcoming Holy Week from cross to empty tomb. My prayer is that you have had similar graces on your Lenten journey.

A blessed Holy Week and Easter joy to all!

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