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Welcome. Welcome Home

By Crystal Sullivan

What a thrill it is to welcome you back to our newly renovated chapel. Witnessing the response of those already been drawn to pray in or experience the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception proves what we hoped to be true - architecture forms us. The chapel has called people to vibrant worship, private prayer, and intimate moments with God and one another for nearly 150 years. Today is no exception.

As you get to know the new space, notice the 10 medallions at the top of the tall windows, which can deepen our understanding of the mysteries of Jesus through scripture stories about his mother, Mary. Take private prayer time with the presence of Christ in the Eucharistic Reservation Chapel. Light a candle for your prayer intentions in the new devotional spaces. Sing joyfully with new hymnals. Gather around the altar with others as you are transformed through the celebration of the Eucharist. Reflect on your baptism and seek reconciliation. Take a walk down the “Discipleship Pathway” to reflect on being formed by Mary for service to God, prayer with Jesus to refresh, focus, and prepare us for challenges and joys, being fed by Christ, and washing feet – a call to service and action as a mark of how we live our daily life.

Paul’s letter to James today encourages us to “be doers of the word and not hearers only.” We pray that the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception will nourish and inspire you to live deeply your faith in communion with Christ.

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