Hello From the Otherside

Wisdom Words to God's Wonderful People

By Rev. Dr. LaKendra Hardware

By Rev. Dr. LaKendra Hardware
Campus Minister for Interdenominational Ministry

As you journey through this Lenten season, take some moments to pause long enough to hear what your heart, mind and soul most need from God. As you work to give up old things or take up new things, ask yourself, "How is God calling me to use this moment to align or realign myself in my walk with Him?"

Is your heart in need of attention? Give it to Him for this season and watch how He does what He does best -- love you like no other.

Are you out of sorts with God? Others? Yourself? Give God the opportunity to sort through the chaos and clutter of relationships, trusting that He always does things beyond what we could even imagine. If repair is the end goal, He can do it. If restoration is the dream goal, He can do it. If resolution is the pondered goal, He can do it.

Just trust God to God (and yes, I just used “God” as a verb!) better than you perhaps have ever let Him before. I’m trusting God with you in this season to move mightily on your behalf in the spaces you submit willingly to His care and charge. I am also believing in God for the growth of your relationship with Him.

As you live into Lent this season, my prayer for you is that you will gain a greater grasp of a God whose Love for us stretched across Calvary in the Greatest Embrace ever gifted to humanity!

Stay blessed, Wonderful People!

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