Why are there circles on the Lent banners?

<p>The hemp banners consist of 40 circular forms dyed using&amp;#160;cochineal (a natural dye from an insect native to Central and South&amp;#160;America) in the Shibori, a Japanese resistance, technique. The&amp;#160;circles represent the 40 days of Lent and the quest we have towards&amp;#160;wholeness with God in this time. The dye is a precious protective by-product that requires the insect to die to produce (read &amp;#8220;lenten&amp;#160;sacrifice&amp;#8221;).&amp;#160;</p>


Wisdom Words to God's Wonderful People

<p>By&amp;#160;Rev. Dr. LaKendra Hardware</p> <p>As you journey through this Lenten season, take some moments to pause long enough to hear what your heart, mind and soul most need from God. As you work to give up old things or take up new things, ask yourself, "How is God calling me to use this moment to align or realign myself in my walk with Him?"</p>