Friday February 2, 2018

Lighthouse Retreat: Exploring Challenges

By Madeline Thomas, Class of 2018

Lighthouse is a retreat that provides an opportunity to explore the challenges we face and find the hope and light within those challenges while the team guides you through different forms of prayer and community building. 

Although the retreat itself is only one weekend, Lighthouse ignites the way to follow the path of God's love. I invite you to join us on this retreat, and become a part of the Lighthouse community as we open ourselves up to the experiences of others, and learn how to be vulnerable to our own experiences. 

If you are interested in taking the leap of faith to explore life's challenges and sources of light within those challenges through both ritual and community reflection, sign-ups open at noon on Friday, February 9th. Lighthouse is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The registration page can be found here

More information regarding the Lighthouse retreat, as well as other retreats offered at the University of Dayton can be found here

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