Reach Out. Encounter Dayton. Act with Others. Lead Together.

By Corrine Woodruff, '19

Fall Break can be a time to recharge and explore, but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to engage with the idea of
community. Here on campus, community is foundational to our college experience, but that idea of community sometimes
does not extend beyond UD. Campus Ministry’s Center for Social Concern has an answer for that!

The REAL Dayton Breakout is a 4-day community immersion into the city of Dayton. It is an opportunity to be open-minded,
dive into the unexpected, embrace challenges and assets, appreciate a resilient history, and become lifelong, active
members in a community that cares.

As a sophomore, I was able to spend my fall break exploring the city, engaging in a variety of service opportunities, and simply learning more about the place I was calling home. This intentional immersion amplified my college experience, and
helped me to see that being a part of a community can be such a fruitful experience. Through dialogue about the assets and struggles of the city, I was able to walk away with an understanding I would not have otherwise had. REAL Dayton has become a pivotal moment of my college career. Does any or all of this sound like something you would be interested in? Participation is open to all ages and all majors, and you can register here.

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