Thursday March 16, 2017

Buckeyes, the delicious kind

By Alexandria GT

If you’re going to live in Ohio or go to school in Ohio you’re going to want to know what a buckeye ball is. I did not know or even hear of these delicious candies until I transferred into the University of Dayton, which is in Ohio. The buckeye ball being named after the resemblance to the nut of the Ohio buckeye tree. Buckeye balls - also known as buckeyes - are a tradition that most Ohioans have taken on and added to their love and pride of living in Ohio.

Can anyone make a buckeye? Of course, the thing is with buckeyes it’s best to know the background so you don’t get caught in making them because of how delicious they are and not know what they symbolize.

I suggest you try one before making them so you can know what you’re trying to replicate, however, it’s really just this simple:


4 pounds of powdered sugar

1 pound butter

6 or more tablespoons peanut butter

2 teaspoons vanilla

12 ounces chocolate chips

1 block canning wax

Combine first four ingredients, adding a bit of milk if necessary. Rolls into small balls. Melt chocolate chips and canning wax in top of double boiler. Make sure chocolate and wax are mixed well so wax doesn’t rise to the top. With toothpick, dip the balls into the chocolate, but do not cover completely. Chill in refrigerator. After chocolate is hardened, store candy in plastic bags in freezer.

According to Guy Lucas from Newsroom With A View, these are the ingredients you need to make a buckeye ball and the way to do so.

I’m no Ohioan, however, the buckeyes have become one of my favorite things about going to school in Ohio. It’s a great treat for getting through a semester!  

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