Becoming aware of my experiential learning

After participating in a workshop geared towards understanding my own personal experiential learning, I was able to understand myself deeper and learn what experiential learning means.


The office of Experiential Learning puts it this way: “experiential learning (EL) is a learning process that integrates mentorship, self-guided exploration, and reflection with active, hands-on educational experiences.” Some examples of EL are student employment, co-ops and internships, education abroad, and community-engaged learning.


Go to the website to learn more! https://udayton.edu/el/


During the workshop I was given 9 aspects of EL:

  1. Self-guided Learning
  2. Leadership
  3. Developmental Learning
  4. Application/Transfer of Knowledge and Skills
  5. Interdependence of Self and Community (Vocation)
  6. Diversity and Intercultural Awareness
  7. Faith and Morals
  8. Practical Wisdom
  9. Mentorship


I was then asked to choose 2 of these 9 and give examples of how, from my EL I am able to demonstrate these according to the 2 out of 9 components I chose to focus on from the list above. It was challenging to just choose 2 to focus on right then and there, but due to the small amount of time we had together as a group I decided to go with #6. diversity and intercultural awareness, and #2. leadership. We then went into explaining and hashing out for others and ourselves in the group how our EL pertained to the two aspects of EL we chose.


A part of the work shop was to then figure out a creative piece, whether that was a video, e-portfolio, drawing or prezi presentation, in order to help get our EL message out to the audience we were looking to share it with.


For me I went with a website that demonstrated what I have accomplished a long with what I am looking to accomplish. I chose to cater my website towards employers as I am getting into the mindset of graduation.


Feel free to check out the website I created at: https://alexandriagraigtis.wixsite.com/mysite


It was an awesome opportunity to have been chosen for this workshop. After going through the workshop I was able to understand the different opportunities I have had in life and connect them to one another. After seeing the connection, I was then able to take it to another level of how am I going to use these EL aspects in my life to further my future goals and aspirations. I was able to understand this idea of future goals and aspirations according to my EL experiences due to self-examination and learning more about the aspects of EL.


The great part about experiential learning is you don’t have to wait for a workshop to understand what it is and how it relates to you. The office of experiential learning (OEL) is open for you to just walk right into and ask questions. Take advantage of this resource and learn how to further your growth in experiential learning by finding out when their workshops and events are!


The OEL is located in Roesch Library 034.



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