End of the semester donations

One thing to think about when moving out is what are you going to do with all your stuff. Many students who live nearby begin bringing their stuff home during the spring mid-term break and Easter break, however, this is not always something that can be done as many other students do not live locally or nearby. So what do you do with your stuff if you do not want it anymore or you do not live close enough to bring it home?

For one, there’s no need to throw anything out! Many of the fellow houses and dorms have places that you can donate belongings you do not wish to keep anymore.

There are also storage units around the University of Dayton. The storage unit I personally use is Linden Stop-N-Lock. I really like going there because I like how safe it is, and students get discounts.

I also know I have a few friends who have their parents drive to meet them and then pack their car and their parents' car with all of their stuff to get it home.

I really wanted to make a point of saying that there is no need to throw anything out. If you can’t use it then someone somewhere can, so don’t hesitate to donate it.

Also, it’s wise to make sure you have a plan, because getting to the end of the semester and wanting to start summer break but realizing you have all your stuff to deal with is no fun!

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