I Either Go To Vermont To Ski Or Enjoy The Scenery

When I was growing up my family and I would ski at Killington Vermont every weekend from December through March. My father was a ski instructor there for 20 years before we moved out to Jackson Hole Wyoming. We left Killington when I was 16 years old, and I learned a lot from my ski mentors that I carry with me to this day.

I grew up skiing because it is my father’s passion. My mother, brother and I would go out and ski when I was younger while my father instructed. When I was old enough I tried out the racing team and learned that was not the path I wanted to take in the skiing world. I wanted to try different avenues and not just jump into ski instructing to make sure I wasn’t going to be a ski instructor just because my dad was. After I explored all options I decided ski instructing was exactly what I wanted to do! So, at 16, I not only became a ski instructor for Ramshead (children’s ski school), but also trained and got my Professional Ski Instructors of America – PSIA - Level 1 certification. Teaching children to ski is one of my passions!

This trip to Vermont was to visit fellow diehard skier, Ed, and meet his new dog. We stayed with Ed remembering our skiing days and his dog, Tucker. Tucker has died, however Ed has a new dog; Ozzie! I couldn't image Ed with any dog but a yellow lab!

Ed runs a cattle farm. The farmhouse and barn look just like a Norman Rockwell painting. It is just gorgeous! The sunsets and sunrises are memorable as well. As we drive down the road approaching the white house and green shutters sitting on a little bit of a hill with the cows roaming the back ground and the red barn that stands to the left as we turn into the circular drive, there is no other feeling I get except the feeling of being home! It is not only breathtaking in the winter but also a beauty in the summer as well! Seeing Ed and his new companion brought back many memories that I hold dear to my heart! I am so blessed to be able to still have him and his farm in my life!

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