My Morocco Rug Story

By Alexandria Erin

2nd Grade Dreams To Modern Day Themes


When I was in second grade I read this story of a little boy who lived in Morocco. The little boy was on a quest for a special rug. This rug was said to have magical powers of bringing peace to his family who was in turmoil. That is all I remember of the story, however, what I know is it made me long to go to Morocco and find my own rug and have my own story. This became one of the main things that has remained at the top of my bucket list ever since then. I have to admit when I was looking at voyages for Semester at Sea Morocco was something I looked for as far as what places would be on that particular voyage.

Earlier this morning I set out to find wifi to upload photos to my website. I ran into a shipmate that I have befriended and he invited me to go to the market in Casablanca with him and his friends. I decided to tag along and blog later. As I went with him and his friends I was opened up into a whole new world. As we approached a shop with lots of leather bags in it, I stood there watching as the ladies looked through all the bags. As I stood there I looked up and saw so many rugs. The story of the little boy who had lived in Morocco came to mind and I smiled to myself. One of the 2 men who ran the shop came over and asked me if I wanted to see one. I decided to let him show me all of his rugs. As he pulled one down he turned it over and proceeded to tell me how the Berbers who lived south of Casablanca made them by hand, not even with a machine. I became so wrapped in this man’s story of the people who made them and the way they were made that I did not even realize I had been holding the same one for the whole time we looked through so many of his rugs. I was so overjoyed to feel each one that I felt this rush of excitement to buy one. I ended up buying a red one (photo below) that I decided was my peace rug, just like the rug the boy in my childhood story had searched for. This rug was a symbol of peace for me because I was in another country that was very unfamiliar and yet this man was willing to share so much about his life and his culture with me. The  interaction I had with the man and my ability to listen to his stories was a symbol of peace for me. I had not only found a rug, but I had created my own story in Morocco. 

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