My First UD Men's Basketball Game

By Alexandria GT

Last night I went to my first ever UD Men's Basketball game at UD Arena! UD played against the Philadelphia St. Joe’s Hawks. As I learned from my friend who blogs for the Dayton Flyer's Men's Basketball, two of Saint Joe’s starters, Chris Clover and James Demery, were out due to undisclosed illnesses, so everyone was nervous as to how the game would even begin yesterday! So here is a little information about the game and what happened!

As I sat in my seat I couldn't help but wonder what the Flyers were even up against, so I looked it up. On St. Joe's website (link below), we can look back on St. Joe’s season which shows them at 10-13 and 3-8 in Atlantic 10 play. This means they really came into the game against the Flyers with nothing to lose.

The first half started out slow for both the Flyers and Hawks, however, it all started to pick up when Charles Cooke made the first basket. For the rest of the half a steady set of plays were held by both teams. The most excitement that happened in the first half was when Xeyrius Williams dunked for the Flyers and then shortly after that Darrell Davis passed the ball behind his back to Kendall Pollard who dunked again for the Flyers.

As the crowd cheered and booed and the cheerleaders flipped, St. Joe’s and Dayton were tied at the end of the half 32 – 32. While taking their half time pow wow, a team of pogo stick performers kept the crowd entertained.

The half time pow wow must have sparked something in the Flyers because they brought more energy than the first half of the game. This in return challenged St. Joe’s, who struggled to step up to the Flyers recharged energy. As we see in the game's play by play off of UD’s website, (link at the bottom of blog), the game really started picking up for the Flyers at the 16:35 mark when they went on a 15 to 4 run over the next 6 plus minutes.

St. Joe’s and Dayton’s game flow ran pretty parallel until the second half of the game where we can see on ESPN’s game flow chart where Dayton starts to take the lead towards the beginning of the second half of the game (like at bottom of the page). This is where Dayton started taking over not only the court but also the scoreboard.

After many free throws, dunks and fast-break points Dayton defeated St. Joe’s 77-70. Kendall Pollard scored 19 points and Charles Cooke scored 16 points to lead the Flyers. Dayton was able to take control in the second half and win the game. Although St. Joe’s lost, Kimble was able to still lead the team with 25 points and 10 assists, which also was Kimble’s first career double-double. Dayton will try to build off of this momentum for their next game against Rhode Island.

It was really exciting to be able to be a part of such an important part of what makes UD so special! Our sports at UD make up a lot of who we are as a University and a community. I was really happy to have been able to check this off my college bucket list as I get closer to the end of my senior year! 




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