Neptune Day

By Alexandria Erin

Neptune Day

Crossing the equator was not only a big ceremony for us here on the World Odyssey, but it’s also been a tradition done by many. The ceremony officially called “Crossing the Line is a initiation rite in the British Merchant Navy, Dutch Merchant Navy, Royal Navy, U.S. Nay, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, Royal Australian Navy, Russian Navy and many other navies that commemorate a sailor’s first crossing of the Equator” (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

The Crossing the Line ceremony was created in order to test sailors, who had been at sea for quite some time, of their capability of being able to handle long rough times at sea. Once gone through the ceremony, which is celebrated in many different ways, names are given to those who have yet to go through the ceremony and those who have participated in the ceremony.

Sailors who have already cross the Equator are nicknamed (trusty/honorable) Shellbacks – Sons of Neptune. Those who have not are nicknamed (Slimy) Pollywogs.

On the World Odyssey we celebrated the Crossing the Line on Friday October 28th. This was the day we crossed the Equator. Many faculty and students raced to the pool on deck 9 awaiting their transformation from Pollywogs to Shellbacks. This is how the process went: first one was drenched in green slime. Second, after getting slimed, you were to jump in the pool to swim across and climb out the other side where two dead fish were awaiting you. As you exited the other side of the pool and kissed the two dead fish awaiting your face, you proceeded to kiss King Neptune’s ring and acknowledge the queen as well! Much laughter and joy was spread around as the Pollywogs turned into Shellbacks. It was definitely an unforgettable experience that I am happy to have been apart of!

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