Seniors teach the freshman what confidence and collaboration is

By Alexandria GT

Intramural sports are huge for the University of Dayton (UD). With sports being something that is a release for many Flyers, UD accommodates this need for release and provides intramural sports for any sport you could think of that UD Flyers would want to participate in. This past Friday, my fellow sports writing classmates and I went and watched an intramural basketball game at the Rec Plex. The game consisted of two teams, one team being "The Roc Boys" and the other team being "For the Culture." The Roc Boys are a team consisting of seniors who have played together and been close friends since their freshman year when they started their team. For the Culture are where the Roc Boys were at four years ago, freshmen boys who are just starting to connect and start their journey to becoming just as connected and bonded as The Roc Boys are now. 

As for the game I went and watched, The Roc Boys were in white and For the Culture was in red. The game started with deep concentration on both sides. The Roc Boys, being seniors and having played together since freshman year, start out slow in a means of letting For The Culture get comfortable on the court. Once the comfort set in and For the Culture got a rhythm with each other, The Roc Boys begun to let their four years of playing together shine as they begun to put more points on the scoreboard than the time For The Culture spent on offense.

Middle of the first half the jokes began to ease The Roc Boys shots into the basket as they begun to make their three pointers, unlike earlier in the game. With Tyler Fronty, #33, and Reggie Henderson, #66, taking the shooting lead for the Roc Boys, For the Culture proved their defensive skills to be as strong as team captain William Capuano said in a previous interview done earlier in the week: “we’re strong on defense,” as they attempted to hold off The Roc Boys. “They came out strong and forced zone,” Capuano said, “we learned good and bad from this game and that’s what counts.”

With a serious game attitude, For the Culture kept good communication through out the game, but this just wasn’t good enough. The Roc Boys were right, they are a rock when they are together and not only that but they also are less serious as the jokes increased through out the game. The Roc Boys began to laugh off all their mistakes but still play strong. “We made it to the final four and lost every time, but we’re going to win this time,” says team captain Joe Dunham for the Roc Boys. With the confidence and easygoing way that the Roc Boys played, Dunham’s statement is a good prediction of what is to come.

3 minutes and 58 seconds left on the clock the game was called. The Roc Boys having scored 79 points and For the Culture scoring 32, hands were shook as well as heads as For the Culture as they walked back to the bench and gave each other weak smiles but solid handshakes. Meanwhile The Roc Boys laughed as they talked about where they messed up and where they went strong. “This one’s for the win,” said Paul Karthan, #9 for The Roc Boys, as he took a three point shot in the last 15 seconds before the game was called. As the ball glided through the net, that is exactly what it was, for the win.

It was just as exciting as going to the UD arena and watching the UD Flyer's Men's Basketball team play! I think my love for sports will always allow me to enjoy any game no matter what level it is at. To be able to be a part of other UD Flyers' passions is an honor. I'm really happy I was able to be a part of the game between these seniors and freshman, I learned a lot just as I think both of them did too and as both teams expressed in interviews after the game, it's all about having fun and learning how to become better than the game before.

Upcoming games

The Roc Boys play next Friday, February 17th, against a team to be determined. For the Culture plays next Friday as well against D-League. Both game times are to be determined.

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