Saturday October 8, 2016

Spain Refelction Questions

By Alexandria Erin

Questions From Barcelona Spain


Question #1 = what did you notice you touched the most while in Spain?


As far as what I touched most in Spain I have to say I actually noticed I didn’t touch much at all. Even when I was in the department stores I really didn’t browse through much of the clothing, just looked. I spent a lot of time just looking in Spain. So to answer this question I have to say honestly I can’t think of any specific thing I touched most.


Question #2 = what was the most dominant feeling while you were in Spain?


Funny how this is a question because the whole time I was in Barcelona I felt like I was home in upstate NY in the fall. It was necessarily the same but the feel of the weather, the leaves falling in certain parts of Barcelona and the certain smells I came across just reminded me so much of growing up in upstate NY and reminded me of home more so than Greece or Italy did. 

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