UD Connections in the Windy City

There are many reasons why I think social media is a benefit rather than a curse in today’s society. For one, it helps us stay connected as long as we are not using it to hide from our responsibilities. Everything in moderation right!?

Two weeks ago I checked Chicago’s weather one more time, finished ironing my clothes, went to my last day of work for two weeks and checked social media to see who would be in Chicago while I was there.

So many people were in Chicago and all of them I knew through the University of Dayton (UD).

I didn’t have a lot of time to spare as I was visiting my boyfriend (whom I also met through UD) and we had a decent amount of plans for the two weeks I was there. I was able to make some time to meet up with some friends who could make their schedule work with mine, one of which was a sorority sister I hadn’t seen in a year because we both studied abroad different semesters.

It was really neat to be scrolling through instagram on my downtime and seeing so many other people in Chicago at the same time as me. There were times where one person was at Navy Pier the day before I was planning to go there and other times I saw that where I had gone the day before another person was the next day.

I never realized how many UD connections I had in the “Windy City” also known as Chicago.

This trip gave me a huge appreciation for the connections UD has given me in not just Chicago, but all over the United States and, believe it or not, the world!

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