UD's Health Services!

As hard as I tried not to get sick, I just couldn’t beat the system. No, it’s not fun to read about getting sick at college, however, it is something that is important to bring to your attention because there is the possibility that it could happen. If I were you I would want to know what was available on campus for something such as this.

Let me get a little personal. This past Friday morning I just couldn’t take the pain and exhaustion I was experiencing. I did not have any energy. So, I called the Health Center and made an appointment with a doctor there. They got me in within an hour. This is not always the case, however, in my experience they’ve always been extremely prompt! I went in feeling extremely ill and came out with the same symptoms and a solution. It ended up that I have bronchitis and pneumonia. An action plan was made and I got the medication I needed in order to be back and running ASAP.

Not only is our Health center awesome, but we also have hospitals around the area that are very helpful! Yes I have experienced not only our health center but also the neighboring hospitals to UD. From a second head injury, to a broken finger, to a head cold and now this, I can safely say that not once did I feel there was no one I could turn to for help.

I pray you never need our health services, but I hope this brings you comfort in knowing that if you get sick or hurt there is a solution here at UD for everything and everyone!

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