UD's Family Weekend

I’m sure that you’ve noticed the word community is used a lot at UD! There’s a reason for this, UD focuses on community. UD believes that community is not just something that is important on campus, but also important as far as the students’ home life as well. That is why parent weekend is one of the best weekends at UD!

My parents could not make it to this year’s parents’ weekend, however, they came last year and we had a blast! This year I did get adopted by my roommate Anna’s mom and oh did we have fun! Anna’s mom took us to dinner, shopping, to lunch, we watched the marching band perform, we talked and laughed, and shared story after story!

Although I may not have had my parents here, many of the UD students did! There was so much to do and so many happy and smiling faces ranging from children to grandparents!

Let me give you a little insight into some of the awesome activities UD puts on for family weekend! Some of the events UD is proud to host for the students and their parents are, a 5K run, cornhole tournament, murder mystery dinner, casino night, cooking classes and even a football game with a tailgate before hand!

There are so many other events that take place as well, if you’d like to check them out here’s a link to UD’s website and the 2015 family weekend schedule.


I understand college is exciting for many reasons and one of them being freedom, however, no matter how old you are having your family visit is one of the best ways to spend a weekend here at UD! 

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