A Team Of Women Getting CHAARGED!

           When I came to the University of Dayton I struggled to get into a work out groove. I was used to just going along with the workouts our coaches gave us for soccer training. I had a little bit of practice this past summer coming up with my own work outs as I took what I knew from sports I had played, pinterest work out pins and instagram posts and applied them to my daily work out routines. However, this was not the same as being apart of a sports team. Little did I know there are many opportunities to be apart of a team that works out but is not considered a contact sport.

            As I was walking up the stairs of the recreational center – which everyone calls the Rec Plex – I saw a poster that said “CHAARG.” The little explanation of how CHAARG was a woman’s work out-group intrigued me and I looked further into it. What I found got me very excited!

            CHAARG stands for: changing health,  attitudes, and actions to recreate girls. Sorry guys this blog post is mainly directed at women, but if you are a women who is looking for a group of other woman who love to work out, want to learn more about working out and to be apart of a team that is striving for a healthier lifestyle CHAARG is for you!!

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