Easter Break

This is the first Easter I have not spent adventuring around or being with family. It was definitely different to say the least. I did, however, find things to do over this extended holiday in order to keep my spirits up! But before I tell you about them, I want to first explain the whole Easter break at UD concept!

UD doesn’t do a traditional spring break. We have two days attached to a weekend for spring break and then another two days attached to a weekend for Easter break. The reason we do not have one long spring break is because we are a Catholic university and we take Easter seriously. I for one am appreciative for this even though I did not utilize it to be with family.

Now as far as what I did, let me tell you! So I decided not to go anywhere for Easter break because I had done a lovely trip for spring break and am getting ready to go to NYC this upcoming week and just thought that it would be nice to stay in Dayton and see what it had to offer aside from classes and unpredictable weather.

Well first off my birthday was Thursday so my grandparents came from New York to celebrate it with me! We went to the museum in Carillon Park which was amazing, definitely recommended and then ate at the brewery there in the park. The Carillon Brewery had amazing food! It is my new favorite place to eat so far in Dayton!

Friday I spent organizing, doing homework, blogging, editing photos and dinner with one of my friends from Dayton! It was nice and relaxing!

Saturday I got up nice and early and with another friend from Dayton went to Yellow Springs and hiked in John Bryan State Park. We then ate at a tavern in Yellow Springs. I had a Reuben that was amazing, followed by a dirty chai, which was also very very yummy!

Sunday was Easter and I attended the Easter Sunday mass at the chapel we have here on campus! It was such a wonderful service and when I walked out of the chapel the sun was shining and the wind was so warm as it swept across my face! I then went to a Dayton Flyers baseball home game with a friend from Dayton!

So although I did not go home I still found many fun things to do! It’s all about one’s outlook on life!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Now onto the next 5 weeks of the spring semester!

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