When in New York?

Another get away for the books! This past weekend my mother and I took a trip to NYC for our Heritage Paas Ball. It was relaxing because I made sure I had all my homework done ahead of time!

Let me give you a little background in order for you to understand what a Heritage Paas Ball is. My mother and I are apart of the society of Holland Dames. We are able to be apart of this society because of a man named Thomas Vandermark. My mother and I are a descendant of Thomas Vandermark, who was said to have arrived on the Half Moon in the early 1600s. The Heritage Paas Ball is the annual ball that celebrates those who have the Dutch heritage.

Now that you have a little background I’ll just share some fun details of the getaway! My mother and I left Thursday morning and drove to NYC where we stayed at the Women’s National Republic Club (WNRC). That evening after freshening up, we then went to the Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar - which you can only get by reservation and I suggest putting in for a reservation at least a month in advance! After being seated we  enjoyed a spring soup and crap cakes as an appetizer and shrimp cocktail and veggie burger with French fries for our entrees. I must say it was extremely delicious and the atmosphere was perfect for our winding down after driving 10 hours.

Friday morning we had breakfast in the club dining room, which was absolutely stunning (photos in gallery below). After breakfast we went to the Frick Collection and viewed the Anthony Van Dyke exhibit. After spending the early afternoon in the city, we ventured back to our club and met our family friend, Paul, who came to escort us to the ball. This was of course followed by some much-needed coffee and catching up! Now fueled with caffeine, Paul went to rest before the evening while my mother and I went and got our hair and make up done at a salon just a couple blocks from the club. After getting all done up we hurried back to dress and went to the ball.

At the New York Racquet and Tennis Club we gathered for drinks. After meeting and congratulating the family of this year’s debutante, we then made our way into the dining room for dinner. After being seated the debutante was announced and danced with her father! An amazing blessing was said and then we proceeded to our three-course meal filled with laughter and chatter! I must say that after the delicious dinner I danced the night away with fox trots, rumbas and other ball room dances! I was laughing and smiling the whole time that by the end of the night my cheeks were sore!

All in all it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time! It’s also very good to remember to take some time off for ourselves and do what we love as long as we can get all of our work done! So don’t forget to laugh, dance and smile, because life is a wonderful thing and we all deserve to be happy!

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