National Holiday or a UD Holiday?

Saint Patrick’s day is well celebrated with green all around campus, traditions and lots of fun! One of the traditions here at UD is getting up at am with all of your friends and making pancakes and playing music. My roommates and I did this this year and it was so much fun! We all dressed up in our Saint Patrick’s Day wear and played Irish music. As the day progressed I definitely had to take a nap so that I would make it to my classes.

Another great thing about Saint Patrick’s Day at UD is that my teachers thought it was awesome I came to class in my ridiculously green Saint Patty’s Day outfit! I even got extra credit in one of my classes! True Holiday spirit is what I was told.

A word that is said a lot here at UD is “community.” So I’m going to use it again because it’s so true; Saint Patrick’s Day was a day of community in the student neighborhood. Lots of laughter and games were played on all the lawns. However, if you weren’t playing a game, just dancing to the music and hanging out with one’s friend was just as fun!

This was my first year experiencing Saint Patrick’s Day at UD and I must say I had a lot of fun! The best part was participating in the traditions that I learned have been going on for a very long time, dressing up in silly costumes, and dancing to music in between classes! A lot of people say that Saint Patrick’s Day is a UD Holiday and I’d have to agree, there’s something about this day filled with green that really brings UD students even closer together and that is a holiday in itself!

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