A Little Break Filled With Fun

At UD, Spring break is a little different than portrayed in the movies. There isn’t one big party week somewhere where everyone rents a cabin, or a beach house and has one big relaxing get-together; we have Dayton to Daytona for that. Our spring break is earlier and shorter than many other schools and is different than the spring break everyone thinks of when they think of spring break in college. There are many pros and cons to this; however, I have to tell you that even though it is shorter it really can be a fun filled long weekend!  

My roommate and I went into the extended weekend we call spring break with determination and excitement! We booked a nice room in a bed and breakfast in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and planned away! 10 hours of driving later, my roommate and I showed up in the off-season at Myrtle Beach and automatically began to go into relax mode.

Our trip began at 2 am on Thursday morning as we made our way to Myrtle Beach. When we arrived around PM, we unloaded our luggage, showered, napped and then went out to adventure. We decided to visit the sky wheel and an amazing restaurant called Crave. Thinking we would watch a movie when we got home, we didn’t even get the TV on before both of us were asleep.

The next day, Friday, our plan was to head out to the Adalaya Castle and tour around, however, my car key broke in half and we spent our day laughing and watching videos on our phone as we figured out what to do. That evening around PM when the locksmith came and saved us we were exhausted and decided to just grab some food and head back. However, first we stopped at the beach and had a relaxing time sitting on the beach with the lights of the restaurants and hotels behind us we just sat and looked out and enjoyed the brisk ocean air!

Saturday, I must say my roommate and I really packed it all in! My roommate and I got up and headed over to Adalaya and toured the castle and we took some awesome photos on the beach. We then went over to Broadway on the beach and went zip lining over the water. With a packed day like this we were so hungry so we stopped and ate at the Hard Rock Café which was inside a pyramid, pretty cool!

Sunday we packed up and headed back to Dayton. But first we hopped on a helicopter and toured the beach from the sky! It was my first time being in a helicopter so that was really exciting! After that excitement we stopped at the zoo on the way home as well and then finally took on the rest of our road trip head on and made it back safe and sound. The next morning I must say was a tad rough getting used to going back to classes after such an exciting time, however, we were still so amped on what we made of the little break that nothing could stop us!

Although it may have been a short break, it was still an amazing one! It really does come down to making the best of what you have!

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