Don't forget to take breaks!

I went on another adventure this past weekend to Boston. I am really thankful that I’ve been able to join my mom on two of her adventures this spring. Although I must say that having NYC and Boston fall one after another has been quite the rally, but it has been a successful and reviving one!

My roommate was able to come with me and we decided to drive, making an adventure out of it. We left around 2 AM Friday morning and drove right into the Boston Logan International Airport to pick up my mother. From there we went to The College Club of Boston at 44 Commonwealth Avenue where we stayed in the University of Boston room.

Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast downstairs in the dining room and headed out to explore the Isabella Gardner Museum. The museum was amazing, the natural light in the courtyard was stunning and fun fact: if your name is Isabella you have free admittance for your whole life! My roommate’s name is Isabella so she is free for life! After looking at all the artwork Isabella Gardner collected, we headed over to The TAJ for tea. Tea at the TAJ was lovely as our good friend Dianne and Cousin Erin joined my mother, roommate and I. We enjoyed some yummy finger sandwiches, pastries and tea, complete with a violinist!

Right after our wonderful outing and lovely tea we went back to our room at the College Club and got ready for the 125th anniversary ball. The night was then filled with yummy food, drinks, talking, laughing and dancing!

The next morning we dropped my mom off at the airport and headed back for Dayton. The 13 hour drive back was long, but was aided with snacks, coffee and a sense of relaxation that came with our little retreat.

It’s always good to get away from school for a little bit to clear the head! This can be spending a whole day in Starbucks, going to the Cincinnati Zoo, walking in Oakwood, going home for a weekend or even going to Boston. The distance is not what matters for a restful break - it’s the place, the company and in my opinion the food! 

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