Five Weeks Left!

Yesterday (Monday the 9th) as I was sitting in my 2D class I looked over at the board and saw the timeline for the rest of the semester.  Wednesday the 11th, work day – finalize images, Monday the 16th Narratives Due – intro to final project, Wednesday the 18th project 5 and camera demo, Monday the 23rd work on project 5, No class Wednesday due to Thanksgiving break, and then two weeks left after we return from Thanksgiving break. All of a sudden all that stress, homesickness, anxiety, worry, irritation and exhaustion vanished as I realized I only had 5 more weeks of school left. I know they are going to be difficult and there is a lot to do, however, when I’m working hard time flies and with time flying home is just that much closer!

It also helped that my mom send me my itinerary for getting home for Christmas and I talked with my Grandma Tiso about plans for Thanksgiving break.

Text from Mom in group chat with all of my famiy at 11:42pm November 9th 2015:

“Alex’s trip home for Christmas ;) Dayton airport to Minneapolis to Denver… shuttle through Cheyenne (strange route) to Jack’s college in Laramie… stay over with Jack and drive to Lander… pick up mom in Lander and drive to Jackson!”

I re-read the text with excitement over and over again. Being away from home for three months doesn’t sound like a long time, however, when you are stressed from school, live in an amazing place like Jackson Hole Wyoming, and are surrounded by people who go home often, three months can feel like three years.

As for Thanksgiving break… that is some excitement in itself as well! My roommate and I are driving to upstate New York where my grandparents have their Trattoria and spending the week with them. This Thanksgiving is going to be very special because it is the last Thanksgiving where we are going to be all-together at the restaurant as my grandparents are closing it after 50 years in December. My family’s Thanksgiving tradition has always revolved around going to the restaurant and being engulfed in a lot of Italian family, food and laughter. The memories I have with this tradition are nonreplicable and will forever be stored in my heart. While we are home in NY I will also go a little more upstate to where I grew up in Oneonta and visit my Aunt and Uncle, our family camp that we still have in NY and some friends! Not forgetting school, I also will photograph my hometown for a project due at the end of the semester.

There is so much to look forward to, but for right now back to being in the moment so I can get everything done to the best of my ability and let the exciting times ahead fall where they may!

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