Founder's Day the Kappa Delta Way

Kappa Delta's Founder's day is the celebration of when Sarah Turner White, Lenora Ashmore Blackiston, Mary Sommerville Sparks Hendricks, and Julia Gardiner Tyler Wilson founded the sorority at the State Female Normal School (now Longwood University) in Farmville, Virginia. Not only did we celebrate the day Kappa Delta was founded but also the day that our chapter celebrated it's two years of being a chapter at the University of Dayton!

As 20 of us sisters piled into our cars this past Sunday afternoon, in our dressy attire with our pins over our hearts, we all headed out to the Founder's day luncheon that we were privileged to be apart of! This luncheon was with other Kappa Delta chapters from around Ohio where some of their sorority members piled into their cars and drove over to where we all met for a wonderful afternoon. This afternoon was filled with much talking, laughter, food and fun! 

At the luncheon we ate first and then some of the alumnae talked about what Founder's day meant and what Kappa Delta meant to them. It was really great hearing the stories of the more experienced Kappa Deltas. Then there was a fashion show, where the clothing in the fashion show was designed by Kappa Deltas. After that there were prizes and awards given out. Lastly there was a raffle and many sisters went home with essentials such as, stationary, "all things Kappa Delta", yummy treats and so much more!

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon getting to better know sisters from my chapter and meeting new sisters from other chapters. It was a great experience that I hope I get to be apart of again! 

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