A Reflection On An Incomplete Manifesto For Growth

For my 2D Design class we had to read this article by Bruce Mau called  An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. I really think it's something that is pertinent to anyone's life and everyone should read it so I'm sharing it with you and my reflection on it! (you'll find the link to the article to the right of the blog under "related links").

I believe as artists we are always looking to produce uniqueness and in return become better each thought, each trial and each production. After reading Bruce Mau’s An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth this article made me think that maybe it is what we find in the world and put together in our own art is how we bring uniqueness to art. This individually brings to that satisfaction of bettering each thought, each trial and each production we as artists produce. In Mau’s article his ideas portrayed made me realize that bettering our art as we grow are one in one. The better we take care of ourselves and better ourselves the more room to be who we are is allowed and this provides room for better thought process. Throughout this list of ways to improve growth the thought that kept coming back to me was how much this tied artists together with all the other careers in the world. A lot of the time I feel as thought artists are singled out and compared against other careers that may seem more difficult or challenging, allowing for artists work to be degraded or lessened in value. However, this article shows how anyone can better him or herself and use these aspects of life to improve in whatever one is doing in their career and life situations. This brings everyone together no matter what he/she is doing. This is how we all grow as people, individually yet together. 

2 of my own to add would be:

1. Pros and Cons – make sure to weigh out the good and bad aspects of situations before jumping right into them.

2. Be inspired – allow others to inspire you by their work, with this leave comparison out and view them as their own individual just as you are your own individual.

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Just remember that it’s important to keep the final product in mind and have a goal; however every step, every process, every moment counts and should be delved into.

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