My Brother The Writer

My younger brother, Jack, has always been an excellent storyteller. When he and I were younger, my mother would have Jack and I tell her stories and she would write them and then put them into a book. I never knew how much Jack loved to write until a year ago when he sent me a short story and asked me to read it. I read it and enjoyed it and sent him back with the comment, “This is great! Who wrote it?” He replied, “I did.” I was impressed to say the least.

In the last month, Jack has been putting his talent to work and experimenting with more short stories. This is appropriate since he is going to school to be a writer. The more I am home, the more I realize how serious he is about his writing. I love every minute of editing his short stories and reading them for fun.

Now here is something that also took me by surprise. Jack asked me to take photos of him for his website. Normally I try and take a photo of or with Jack and he says absolutely not. However I guess we are both growing up and he trusts me enough to photograph him, which makes me extremely honored as a photographer and an older sister.

(Photographs of our photo-shoot below and more to see at my website: alexandriasviewfinder@yolasite.com).

Jack has just started his first website for his natural ability to write short stories! I finally got him to allow me to share it even though he claims, “it’s not ready yet.” So here it is if you’re interested in reading some short stories from a young man who is exploring his talent!


As a blogger and a writer myself, I am so happy Jack is exploring his talent. I am so proud of him too! And as I sit here and finish writing this blog I just have to say, to all you prospective students looking to find what interests you and your destiny, don’t worry about it! Both Jack and I went into college not knowing what we wanted to do and are somehow now figuring it out. Little-by-little, class-by-class, experience-by-experience, you too will figure it out! But first just choose a college that fits you… hopefully its UD!

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