From UD to KD to WY

By Alexandria Erin

It wasn’t a joke when during recruitment you were told you’d make some of your really good friends through the sorority that ends up being the right one for you. As I talked about in my previous blogs I wasn’t looking to be apart of a sorority, I just went through the process because I was curious. I ended up finding what I wasn’t looking for, a home in KD (Kappa Delta). This blog isn’t about me finding myself in KD (although I have); no, this blog is about realizing that KD has been an organization that has brought me some extremely good friends! Good enough for them to come visit me all the way in Wyoming.

This past week one of my sisters came all the way from St. Louis, Missouri to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This was her first time flying by herself and her first time into what we like to think of Wyoming as “the wilderness.” While she was here we had quite the adventure. Unfortunately it started with her getting altitude sickness, but that quickly passed as she drank bottle of water after bottle of water. As she was here for 5 days, I crammed as much fun as I could into her stay here! This consisted of her first time camping!

With the fear of bears in the back of her mind, we drove up to The Wedding Tree (one of my favorite places to camp). The Wedding Tree isn’t too bad to start out camping because it is about a 5-minute walk from the road and isn’t fully surrounded by trees. We set up camp, made a campfire and to her surprise did not see one bear, or any animals as a fact. The next day we packed up and headed for Yellowstone where we explored the Geysers and Hot Spots! During her stay we even got to go to the fair that was coming through Jackson that week! With a lot of other things going on and these just being some of the main things we ended her stay with a morning trip to the farmers market before heading to the airport.

As I watched my KD sister walk past security and out of sight I thought to myself, “I would have never met this amazing woman who conquered so many fears to come out and visit me if it weren’t for KD.” That’s how we met. She’s one of my closest friends in KD and because of KD she has learned to trust me enough to fly all the way out to Wyoming by herself and let me take her camping for the first time ever. I realized how honored I was to have made such a good friend who trusted me so much, and all this led to how if I had never gone to college, if I had never transferred, if I had never gone through recruitment, and if I had never accepted KD, I would have never met my KD sister and I would have never had the opportunity to show her how to camp and what there even is in Wyoming. Just her 5 day visit opened my eyes to how blessed I am to not only be a Kappa Delta but also to be a Dayton Flyer, because both of these aspects of my life have brought me to meet some of the best people I am privileged to call some of my closest friends. 

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