Thursday November 24, 2016

Brazil Reflection Questions

What surprised you about Brazil?

People spoke very little English and Spanish. Also I wasn’t as pressured to buy things as I walked down the street as I was in Senegal.

In what ways have you become more open/closed towards other people, as compared to the start of the voyage?

I’ve become more open to touch. If I step back or reject a hug it’s seen most commonly as rude to the culture or disrespectful to the person you are “rejecting” touch to.

How have your ideals of safety been challenged/changed in the last few countries?

I’ve actually realized how much safer I feel in the United States. This was a confusing concept because some people in the other countries would tell me in almost each port that they feel more safe than in the US but then have they been? I think I feel more safe because I have my stuff, I am able to use my main language – English – to understand people and get what I need across, and I’m able to use GPS to find where I need to go. 

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