Unpredictable Summer Work

I have come to the conclusion, as many other people have, that life truly is unpredictable. We make all of these plans in and through out our lives and then there is still time to have the unpredictable swoop in and make an appearance.  These can sometimes be good, and sometimes be bad.

In my case my unpredictable summer events have been good. My plan in the beginning of the summer was do online college classes, visit friends and family, and help my family build on the family camp in upstate New York. The unpredictable begun when I was down at my grandparents in Mount Tremper New York and a place called, The Pines, opened next door to where my grandparents used to have their restaurant.

As I was wishing I had some sort of job, Jeremy (owner of The Pines) was wishing he had a waitress. I’ve waitressed most of my life so I offered to help out. This help out turned into training and this training turned into last night waitressing from 4-11. I must say it is a really good gig.

Since I wont be here for the summer I have learned the ropes enough to be able to fill in when they would need a server. As I am right next door (literally just across the lawn) at my grandparents, I am able to be on call for them, giving me a better chance of having random nights of making money.

On top of the random fill in waitressing I will be doing this summer I also have agreed to help out in the coffee shop, The Pines, which is opening in the mornings. I just had my first training session yesterday morning from 8-2:30. Jeff, the awesome man running it for Jeremy, is having me come in every Friday to help run the coffee shop. Hopefully they will open for weekends as well as weekdays and I can help out with those days as well.

These random mornings and nights of filling in are perfect, as I have realized my summer classes are taking up more time than I predicted. I still try and drive up to my families’ camp to help out at least once a week, which is only a 45-minute drive from my grandparents.

As I did not expect to have a job this summer, the unexpected has been a blessing. A little extra money in my piggy bank is definitely something I cannot complain about and I get to help out right next-door!

The lesson I keep learning from events just as these is life is unpredictable and you can really be thrown some great things if you aren’t always planning (which I struggle to not always be doing).  I knew I couldn’t take on a full time job this summer, so just working every so often will be the perfect way to have a little work with out getting burnt out this summer!

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