Co-ed Wilderness Retreat Fall 2017

This weekend a team of 2 campus ministry staff and 4 student leaders, including myself, took a group full of excited and adventure seeking students to Red River Gorge, Kentucky to embrace the wilderness.


This was my third wilderness retreat at UD. My first one was a women’s wilderness retreat in the fall of 2014, my sophomore year of college. I had just transferred to UD and was yearning to get outside. I stumbled across wilderness retreat and it fulfilled so much more than just my craving for nature.


My second retreat was women’s wilderness spring of 2016. I was a student leader for this retreat. It was amazing to experience the wilderness retreat from a different perspective. 


It’s been something I’ve loved to do because it takes me just enough off campus and into the wilderness to fulfill my longing to be surrounded by nature. I decided to try out co-ed wilderness retreat this fall and again participate as a student leader.


For this past weekend’s retreat, I found myself being more at peace than I’ve ever been in my life. It wasn’t just the fact that I’ve worked so hard to work through things in my life to get to a point of peace and joy through trials and tribulations, but also the people that I was surrounded by allowed for me to realize this state of mind I have finally begun to consistently have.


On Saturday night we got in a circle around the campfire and said aloud words in which we used to describe our wilderness retreat experience thus far. Some of the words said were joy, laughter, passion, focus, reflection, learning, mindfulness, deeper connection to God, deeper connection to nature, friendship, Ohana, fresh air and peace.


It’s adventures like these that I have learned so much about myself through its fruitful purpose, and deeper meanings that allow for deeper connections. Blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy this wonderful earth we live on with amazing people. 


Praying all of you have a wonderful fall of 2017!

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