Kappa Delta Dad's Weekend

By Alexandria Erin

I’m really happy I went through recruitment as a sophomore because that means as a fifth year I can still be in Kappa Delta. In college you are only allowed four years to participate in the on campus activities, however, once a Kappa Delta always a Kappa Delta – for life. If I had gone through recruitment as a freshman, I wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the chapter meetings held in a private setting only allowing Kappa Delta’s to be apart of; but I’d still be a Kappa Delta.


Since the dates never matched up for my dad to come to dad’s weekend, this is my first time participating in Kappa Delta Dad’s Weekend.


It all started with going to Funny Bone – a comedy club at the Greene. All the Kappa Delta’s and their dads sat together. Before and during the show we ordered beverages and food. The show was funny and a great way to hang out with each other as our dad’s got to know one another or caught up since last dad’s weekend.


Saturday’s events consisted of going to a driving range and swinging a golf club and then later on in the day a barbeque with corn hole and lots of great food! During the break between the driving range in the morning and the barbeque in the evening, my dad and I met up with my friend Anna and her dad and we explored the Air Force Museum. The Air Force Museum was amazing. My brother is in the Air Force ROTC, so as we walked in I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride knowing this is what my brother is working towards.


My dad flew in from our house in Jackson Hole Wyoming, however from visiting me he was then on his way to Upstate New York to meet up with my mom and brother at our camp there. I was going to drive and meet my mom half way in the middle of PA, but then my KD sister, Emily, said her dad was driving to the middle of PA and he wouldn’t mind him tagging along and meeting up with my mom. That was a great end to an awesome weekend for me! I had more time to get homework done and rest, I was very grateful!


Overall, my dad and I had an awesome time. I joked with my mom saying, “good thing I took a fifth year so dad could come experience KD dads weekend with me,” she laughed and replied right back with, “things work out exactly how they’re meant to, sometimes we just don’t see it until afterwards.”

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