Working out with TedX

By Alexandria Erin



Something I began doing this semester is working out on the treadmill and watching TedX talks. I get so invested in the TedX talks, I have begun to not even notice how difficult the workouts are and have been able work out for longer because of this.


Every time I go to the gym I do the same routine: step onto the elliptical, put my headphones in, I choose my work out, begin the work out and then go to YouTube on my phone. After going to YouTube I just Google whatever I’m struggling with that week (i.e. confidence, relationships etc.) or type in what I want to learn more about pertaining to a TedX talk.


One TedX talk that I came across was titled, “Why are millennials so stressed? Is it Quarter Life Crisis?” by Allison Osborn. This TedX video talked directly to me as it discussed “your personality priority pie,” “your professional priority pie,” and other topics pertaining to graduating.


This video is not just applicable to college students about to graduate or students who have graduated and are looking for what to do, but can be applicable to anyone trying to figure out what they’re doing in their life, especially if there is a big change occurring or about to occur.


In the video it discussed “your personal priority pie.” This was about knowing what part of the pie these categories lie in: friends and family, significant other, work and career, personal and spiritual development, health and wellness and fun and leisure.


For “your professional priority pie,” it discussed knowing what part of the pie these categories lie in: money and power, happiness and fulfillment, learning and growth, and making a difference.


I wanted to share this because I think this pertains to everyone, especially people looking into college!


So here’s my challenge to you all, think about these questions, where do your priorities lie? What do your personal and professional pie charts look like?


If you would like to watch or listen to the TedX talk I put the pie charts and the TedX YouTube link in the photos section of this blog!



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