The calm before the storm

By Alexandria Erin

The calm before the storm of every fall semester lies right before Thanksgiving break. I always see so clearly before I head off on my Thanksgiving break adventure and then the day before the week after break ends, the storm hits. It rolls in slowly and then bam you’re caught in it with nothing but count downs until the day of your last final and an extra scoop of coffee in the morning.


Here I am, 5 days from leaving for upstate New York to spend my Thanksgiving with my family and I am already figuring out what homework to prioritize on over Thanksgiving break. Yes, it’s one of “those” semesters, the semesters where even on breaks I need to be on my “A game.”


Now here is the best part of the story I am sharing with you, Monday November 27th will start the week after break. The following Monday December 4th is the last week of classes and Monday December 11th is the beginning of finals week. Christmas break begins three weeks after we get back from Thanksgiving break!


It’s going to go by fast, but that’s why everyone is scrambling this week to make up all their study guides and plan out the two weeks before finals because with the correct preparation, one can only feel confident weathering the storm.


I know for me this is the first semester I have finals every day of exam week. But I’ve already started my study guides and will begin studying over Thanksgiving break. As much as I do not want to have to do it, it’s almost over.


There’s a little look into the college life of a fifth year college student taking 6 ½ classes, working 2 jobs and in two campus organizations. Some semesters are just crazy.


If there’s anything you take away from this blog post, understand that preparing, even if it’s just setting up your Quizlet’s (online study guide) before Thanksgiving break, will give you peace of mind to not drown the last three weeks before Christmas break!

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