Interesting take on the idea of our purpose in life

By Alexandria Erin

I just read this great article by Fahrin Kermally through Levo - an e-mail subscription I receive weekly – called “How do you find your purpose when you don’t know what it is?’




I thought this article was fascinating in the fact that I know I personally struggle with this idea of trying to figure out what my purpose is in life, especially as I realize I am 6 months away from graduating college.


In Kermally’s article this idea of purpose is challenged by the way we as people think we must have a purpose in life, and this idea that we don’t actually have to have one.


What is purpose? It’s a question we all constantly are asking others and ourselves. Kermally challenges this and answers this question all at once saying, “perhaps, finding your purpose has less to do with the purpose itself, but how you define it.”


I really encourage you to take a few minutes and read this article, you don’t have to agree with it, however, it does challenge one’s understanding of what purpose is and I know for me it even brought peace knowing I’m not the only one who feels they have no idea what their purpose is in life.


All we can do is our best in every situation and one day we will wake up and realize we are living out what we were meant to do. Some of us will know this early on and others will figure it out along the way.


Let me leave you with a quote from Kermally’s article that I believe to be very powerful.


“I am a growing and changing being, and what I do in a given situation will change as I change. I believe in giving myself permission. Permission to be wrong. Permission to grow. Permission to change. Permission for my purpose to be different today than it is tomorrow, because tomorrow my priorities may be different, my life may be different, and I may be different.”

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