Thanksgiving Change But Traditions Stay The Same

By Alexandria Erin

This year my Thanksgiving looked a little different than it normally does. You see I grew up with Thanksgivings being in the Italian Trattoria my dad’s parents ran in upstate New York. About 30-40 family members on my dad’s side of the family would come on Thanksgiving Day from all over to celebrate, ranging from children to great grandparents.


As the restaurant has been sold for two years now and has turned into a different type of restaurant / music / coffee spot, we have grown smaller and smaller, having the celebration at the “back house” – my grandparents house down the street – until this year there were the main 12 of us; my mom, my dad, my brother, me, my uncle, my aunt, my 2 younger cousins, my grandma, my grandpa, my great uncle and my great aunt.


Although the number in people has changed and the location has been moved down the street, there are still traditions that I know will live on no matter where we celebrate. These traditions being, playing football in the yard after eating the main Thanksgiving meal at 1pm and then having dessert after we’re done with the game, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, lots of photos being taken, and grandma’s famous homemade ice-cream cake in celebration of whosevers birthday is closest to Thanksgiving – this year being my younger cousin Jillian’s in December!


I learned this Thanksgiving that even with drastic changes such as our Thanksgiving tradition of having a large amount of family at the restaurant every year, allows for different traditions to be made. But even with the change some things can still stay the same and maybe with this change even better traditions will be made.


Change is change, different is different, but family will always be family and that is what matters most.

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