The Beginning Of My SAS Journey!

Spilt my coffee, dropped my gluten free fig bar on the ground next to the dog food, and stubbed my toe all before 7am. Looks like I’m on a roll to it being a good day. Normality. My normality is spilling coffee, dropping something and feeling somewhat like I’m 82 instead of 22 in the mornings, so I’m feeling like I’m off to my usual start!
However, this morning is different. This morning has consisted of me saying goodbye to my mom until I see her again Christmas Eve (unless she can get work off and visit me in Peru - fingers crossed), checking into my flight, setting my packing list next to all of my already packed bags to double check before my brother drives me to the airport, putting an extra cup of water in the coffee pot, and sitting here writing about how it’s 14 hours before my plane takes off for Iceland. You may be thinking, why is she up at 7am when her plane doesn’t even leave until 9pm? Well let me answer that question plain and simple for you, because that is how I work best!
Boston, MA to Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland to Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark to Hamburg, Germany
I have to tell you all, packing was so difficult! I wish I could mail my whole wardrobe over to the boat and have it there even if it meant I had to sleep on all my clothes. Ok, that’s pretty dramatic, but really! It has been so difficult figuring out what to bring. A woman who called me a few weeks ago from SAS to check in with me said, “as far as packing goes you’ll want to lay everything out you want to bring and then only bring half of that.” YIKES! Half my wardrobe definitely didn’t fit in the two duffle bags I have to bring. However, you will be happy to know I figured it all out!
There is a separate tab explaining my packing list on my personal blog – alexandriasviewfinder.com. I’m going to do a before and after on this page. I will tell you everything I’m bringing now, and then after my trip I will add the things I should have packed / brought and the things I shouldn’t have packed / brought!
Along with this blog for school, I am also doing a personal blog on my website – alexandriasviewfinder.com. The blogs will be similar, however, I will tweak them so that what I am blogging on this blog here targets specifically to students as my other blog will target everyone.
I do not have specific times I will be blogging, due to the uncertainty of how often I will have wifi. However, know that I will blog at least once for every country. You can see my itinerary of when I’ll be in each country under the “itinerary” tab on my personal website, and that will give you a general idea of when I’ll be blogging. It will be with in a few days of each port I am at. However, this could change, I could blog more for one place than another or even a few times a week. You’ll just have to wait and see… like me!
As I borrow this expression from the French, I’d like to say that this journey has been 2 years in the making. It all started when the flyer for semester at sea blew into my leg and I picked it up to throw out the piece of “trash” that had hit me. Little did I know that in that moment lots of research, planning and money would be spent. Due to having two major concussions resulting in a minor head injury, I have been denied this journey twice. Even though I still have much recovering / healing to do, I am finally recovered enough to head out to sea!
Honestly, if you are reading this and curious about studying abroad check it out! There is no harm in inquiring about what UD has to offer, which is a lot! Most of my friends at UD have studied abroad through UD one way or another and none of them have regretted it! So if anything just check it out. Even walking into the office or speaking with Heather Schieman is exciting and worth the visit!
And on that note I hope you all are having a wonderful fall semester whether that be the beginning of an academic year in high school, college or even post college workdays. Anyone who is reading this deserves to have an amazing day!
- Alexandria Erin
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