Sunday September 18, 2016

Ship Life - Week 1

By Alexandria Erin

The Life Of A Student At Sea

Monday we started classes. The class system is very unique and definitely has been well planned out for our success. How the system works is we have classes based off of A days and B days. The numbers increase as the days increase; for this week the school schedule is A1 = Monday, B1 = Tuesday, A2 = Wednesday, B2 = Thursday, Friday no classes, A3 = Saturday, B3 = Sunday and then Monday we are at port in Piraeus Greece. After we are in Greece from Monday through Friday we then start classes back up on Saturday Sunday starting with A4 and B4. This continues through out the rest of the voyage.

Through My Eyes, Ears and Mouth

 As a student who learns best through hands on and visuals, this program keeps getting better and better. In all of my classes what we are learning is applied to all the different ports we are visiting. The experiences I will be having, looking for specifically or observing is going to be used to enhance my understanding of my classes and for my classes to help me to further my experience in port. Wow! So amazing! I feel as though I am about to jump into the textbook and not just read but also experience what the words are saying.

Everyone’s classes are dispersed all over the ship. For example 2 of my classes are on deck 6 in the Kaisersaal (both the main part and the Starboard side (right-hand side), 1 of my classes is in the Viejahres / Four Seasons Dining area, and 1 of my classes is in the Lido Terrace. The Lido Terrace is actually my most favorite room on the ship so far. It is the brightest and has a piano in it – yes I have already played on it!

My Classes


The classes I am taking are:

  1. Marriage and Family Relationships

Time = 0800 – 0920 (A days)

Field Class = Barcelona, Spain

  1. World Environmental History

Time = 0800 – 0920 (B days)

Field Class = Puntarenas, Costa Rica

  1. Global Studies (required by all)

Time = 0930 – 1030 (A and B days)

Field Class = No specific one, but after every port we will have reflection days)

  1. International Mass Communication

Time = 1510 – 1630 (B days)

Field Class = Livorno, Italy

There are also “field studies” with each class except Global Studies. I will write about the field studies at a later time when I have my first one in Livorno Italy!

So Far So Good

So far my classes are a lot of reading, but reading that pertains to life not just on the ship but my life in general. I find myself delved into the classes and what the teachers are saying with out having to refocus myself too much. Moreover, I’m enjoying them!

Hope everyone is having as much sunshine as we are having here on the boat!

- Alexandria Erin

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